What will I do as an Everett Councilman?

As an Everett City Council Member, Justin Murta will be responsible for a number of things; ranging from community growth, to land use, to finances and strategic planning.

Some of those responsibilities include:
  • Keeping track of the goals set by the people of Everett Washington
  • Determining future projects and helping to maintain and tasking current projects; including infrastructure improvements, public facility improvements and land development
  • To uphold the City Charter and working with the mayor to make decisions in its best interests
  • To create a new system to help the citizens put their resources to use faster than previous governments

Reducing Crime and Taking Back our City

It will be one of my first priorities to address the growing issues with crime. Although Everett is a smaller city than Seattle it is has a larger problem with crime. According to “Neighborhood Scout”, Spurlock and other publications, Everett is a 3 on the Crime index (100 being the safest). In terms of violent crime, it is 34% higher than the state average and property crime is nearly double (it does double the national median). 1 in 17 citizens will experience some sort of property crime next year! That is unacceptable.

Lowering Taxes and Keeping our Hard Earned Income

Paying for our community doesn’t have to come in the form of taxation. In fact, Everett has some of the highest taxes nationwide and it is doing little but lining the coffers of some very inefficient developers. Why not lower the taxes and deregulate some of the area so we can start making the moves necessary to put Everett in line with some of the most economically vibrant cities in the world?!

Making Everett a City People Want to Live

According to most livability indexes, our city is a 66 on a scale of 100. Other areas that need improvement, besides the crime are: education, employment and cost of living. As Councilman Serving in Position #1, I will work with the legislative Council Body and the Mayor in order to focus on these areas. We have Boeing, but what are other industries that need attention here? Why are our schools failing? We have some of the highest ranked programs, yet we have a very high dropout out rate! What’s going on? And with many second hand stores, local markets, etc., why are people struggling to cope with the cost of living? I will work to get this city back on it’s feet and ready for a better tomorrow.